• Claudia S

The 5 Most Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Wellness

So here is the thing....

There are many misconceptions around the word 'Wellness' that you may come to mind when you hear it. Maybe they are images like on this blog. Well (no pun intended) I am here to tell what it really is about.

Stereotype 1: Wellness is a fad.

Wellness has actually been around for a very long time. In fact, the word wellness may have been conceived around 1650, but practiced by the Babylonians way before. You see, our ancestors have been wellness advocates from the very start.

Stereotype 2: Wellness is only practised by hippies, Vegans, Yogis, etc...

The word Wellness actually means the state of being in good health . So it doesn't matter if you are can Yoga or if you are a Carnivore. If you pursue goals to nurture your health, then you are in fact practising Wellness.

Stereotype 3: Wellness is expensive.

Looking after yourself doesn't need to cost the earth. Sure, you can buy everything organic, wear bamboo clothing and purchase luxe supplements/elixirs/ etc. if you want to. But you do not have to do that to get similar results. Sometimes, the simple things in life like drinking water, eating fresh fruit/vegetables and breathing (yes, really breathing) is all you need. Just practicing some deep mindful breathing can do wonders for your health. Last time I checked that one is free. You're Welcome! :)

Stereotype 4: Wellness takes too much time.

Improving your health can take a lot of time if you want to implement everything possible into your life. I know some serial Wellness junkies....you know the type? That person who eats clean, counts macros, Gym Mondays, Pilates Tuesdays, Infrared Sauna Wednesdays, detox Thursdays, Colonic irrigation Fridays (what else would you do on a Friday night, right?). That person lives and breaths wellness in every pore. That doesn't mean you have to all that. Not at all. Improving your heath can be small new habits like, drinking a glass of water with some lemon every morning and cutting processed food from your diet.

And lastly Stereotype 5: Wellness is about drinking some green drink every morning.

Drinking a bright green smoothie is a wonderful way to start your morning but let's be honest, the taste might take awhile to get used to. Why do you have to try and drink something you do not particularly like anyway? You don't. Find alternatives that are better for you and taste good too. You see, if you have to force anything..it will not last long and it will cause you unnecessary stress to your body, which in fact cause more illness

Easy...I can do this!

than good.

So there you go, you can now throw all those stereotypes away and start looking after yourself.

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