This life coaching package is designed to kick start your goals and get the results you want. 

This program gives you two 1 hour sessions and unlimited accountability/maintenance support as required within the 10 week period.  

This program is for you if you want to overcome a certain block. Suitable if you want to stop smoking, implement a new habit, remove a certain fear or gain confidence.

This program uses the signature results system for success. 

Step 1: Clarify the result you want. Is it a particular goal or is there a particular fear you want to overcome? 

Step 2: Remove any limiting beliefs, emotional blocks and align your conscious & sub conscious to your result.

Step 3: Implementation stage to get the rapid results you want. 

Sessions can be done in clinic or through Zoom/Skype/Phone

Coaching sessions include two 1.5 hours of Hypnotherapy, Counselling and PSYCH-K® tools. 

Ten weeks of Accountability Coaching via phone/email/Skype.

Please note this program is only for ONE particular goal/fear.



PSYCH-K® helps you quickly and effectively create the life that you dream of. When you create a new belief system from a whole brain state you are able to operate at your highest potential and live a truly fulfilling life.

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs and we now have a tool to reprogram any beliefs that could potentially be holding you back.

Dr. Bruce Lipton stated, “PSYCH-K® represents one of the most important, efficient, effective, and rapid change processes that is available on this planet today"

PSYCH-K® is a process that combines the science of epigenetics, quantum physics and neuroplasticity with the psychology of self-empowerment. Psychologists state that by the time you are in your mid-30s your identity and personality has been completely formed. That means that you have a memorised set of behaviours, attitudes, habits, beliefs, emotional reactions, conditioned responses, and perceptions that are subconsciously programmed.
95-99% of who you are and how you operate on a daily basis comes from that programming.

PYSCH-K allows you to upgrade your brain’s hardware. You can rapidly release and transform any self-limiting beliefs no matter how long you have had them. When you install, reinforce, and refine new beliefs you change your subconscious blueprint and essentially create a whole new program. This network of new neural pathways in your brain creates a new improved version of your life.
It's time to dream big!!

Life Reboot Package

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  • This 10 week life transformation online course will provide you with all the tools to reignite your life. This course will help you discover your why, implement new habits and change your mindset.  You will assess and make changes to your health, mind and body.